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The Aroma of Tacoma

Every day I hear Customers say ” I love the smell here”. Keep in mind, Mill Outlet is completely outdoors and on a ridge where the wind blows constantly. So to say it smells great here or like anything at all, is really amazing.

It's the Cedar

It’s the Cedar

It is the cedar. it is everywhere. Shingles, decking, fence boards and split rail. 2×4’s, Timbers, 4×4’s and Shakes. Finish grade, utility grade, 2×12’s and 8×8’s.

The aroma of Tacoma has been infamous over the years, but come to Mill Outlet Lumber for the new, pleasant Tacoma aroma.

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Spring around the Corner

Sunday is the beginning of daylight savings time, March 10th and 10 days later on March 20th at 4:02 am PDT Spring arrives. It is hard to believe we already skated through Winter except for the fact that we are being over- run daily by good customers seeking great values on all the things we sell.


Fencing of course, to replace that old dilapidated one that came with the house 15 or 20 years ago or to build new. Mill Outlet Lumber stocks more sizes and grades than anyone and all of our fence materials are excellent quality. The best value we have currently is 1×5-6′ #2 and better for This is a high quality board for a very good price, actually less expensive than our #3 boards.


Decking, we took on Kiln Dried Incense cedar last year and it was a great success for us and for many customers. This is no ordinary KD Incense Cedar, it is Selected Premium Grade, the highest grade at the mill, and it is priced right, We are stocking 5/4×4 in 8′,10′, 12′, 14′ and 16′ lengths, also 5/4×6 in  8′,10′, 12′, 14′ and 16′ lengths, and guess what 2×6 in 8′,10′, 12′, 14′ and 16′ lengths. For Hand rails or decking we have 2×4, 8′, 10′, and 12′ and 4×4-8′ in addition to Clear 4×4 6′ and 8′. We have you covered in Incense Kiln Dried Cedar for decking, fencing or even siding and trim. If you are looking to save a bit we also have Green Western Red Cedar in 5/4×4 or you could even use some of our Bevel blank products.


Mill Outlet is always the go to source for Pressure Treated Lumber to put under your deck or to build your fence. We stock all of the common sizes and can get virtually everything within 1 or 2 days .6×6-8′ Landscape timbers for only are just a couple of new additions.


Clear Cedar  and fir for special projects at specialer prices are some of the things you can count on Mill Outlet for. Shop grade Plywood, both t-1-11 Siding and Cdx are another. Pine tongue and groove, Fir flooring and all sorts of cedar siding and paneling are always flying through our yard.

At Mill Outlet we keep a notable inventory of cedar timbers on hand in sizes from 4×4 to 8×8, all at very fair prices. In addition to those we also have a wide variety of 2×8. 2×10 and 2×12 in stock for people building everything from Raised bed planters to arbors pergolas and tree houses. Around here one of our sayings is “you can always cut it smaller”


Split Rail, Mill Outlet is the source for Split Rail Fencing in the Northwest. People come from 150 miles away for our quality and competitively priced Cedar split Rail Fencing.


Cedar Shingles And Shakes. We are committed to maintain an inventory of shingles and shakes that meets the needs customers seeking both value and quality, #1, #2, #3 and #4. Western Red Cedar, Alaska Yellow Cedar. Shakes in 18″ Medium and 24″ Premium Grade Heavies, even 5/8″x 24″ Tapersawn.


I could go on and on and on, but the best thing to do is call or come on down to Mill Outlet Lumber In Tacoma to see for yourself

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Western Red Cedar Tsunami of Values

Mill Outlet has always been a reliable source for great deals on Cedar and Pressure Treated lumber. Right now there seems to be an up swell of exceptional new cedar products in our little pond. More like a Tsunami, relentless and overwhelming wave after wave of great values.


I receive many calls from people looking for board and batten siding, usually looking for 10 or 12″ wide boards. Our new 5/4×8 rougherheaded blanks will work great for board and bat. In fact you can install the full width boards with a 2″ space between them, then rip more in half for 3 5/8″ battens to cover the space. you will be looking at about oot for burly 1″ thick rustic siding. Our you can use these for trim and fascia board or to build a Gazebo like one customer this morning. These blanks are one of the, if not “the” best value I have seen in Cedar in 30 years.


As If that was not amazing, we also have excellent inventory of 2×8, 2×10 and 2×12 cedar boards, Priced right and selling fast they be. People are using them for raised beds but also for Pergolas arbors and fences. This is lumber you will not find in just any old yard.

And there is more,, use it for decking, fencing or general garden use, at $ you can not lose.


And Vertical grain clears in just about every imaginable size, boat builders, hobbyists and most recently used for rainscreen style siding, which I am certain looks amazing


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Decoding Shingles and Shakes

Wood roofing and siding are probably the most confusing things we sell. It is hard to decipher where all the terminology and practical uses have originated exactly, but here is my attempt at explaining what is important.

Wood Shingles, Western Red Cedar, as far as we are concerned, are primarily  used for siding on buildings. When used for roofing it is generally recommended that you never use anything but the highest grade, #1. Shingles are saw cut on both faces and come in bundles that cover 25 square feet at recommended exposure.

Shingle Grades

#1 shingles are 100% edge grain, 100% clear, 100% heartwood, these are cut from the best wood available and anything found not meeting expectations is downgraded before bundling some mills are known to cut second growth #1 which you should be wary of, they will loosely meet the grade but have wide unstable grain pattern.

#2 Shingles are cut from lower grade blocks or accumulated from shingles that that missed #1 grade. #2 grade allows some sapwood and flat grain, but must be a minimum of 10″, 11″ or 16″ clear measured from the butt for 16″, 18″ or 24″ shingles.

#3 grade is what you might expect, cut from even lower quality blocks and the rejects from #1 and #2 grade. 3’s are allowed unlimited sapwood and flatgrain but knots are restricted to above 6″ for 16″ and 18″ and above 10″ for 24″. It really does not make sense to use #3 for roof applications at any time, but for sidewall and interior use when you are looking for a Rustic or shabby chic look they are perfect providing you take into account weather exposure and flashing details.

Another lower grade available for rustic sidewall use is #3&4 undercourse. The intended use for these is to install behind certain “sidewall” shingles that are dry, sanded or textured packaged in boxes that cover either 50 or 100 square feet at 14″ exposure for a 16″ shingle.

In addition to grade, a measure of quality, shingles also come in a selection of sizes.

16″ fivex are 16″ long and 5 butts equal 2″ total thickness

18″ Perfections are 18″ long and 5 butts equal 2 1/4″ total thickness

24″ Royals are 24″ long and 4 butts equal 2″ total thickness

All shingles and shakes for that matter are also available to some degree in a variety of treatment and certifications. Class A, B and C fire ratings and CCA treated against rot and insect damage. There are also a variety of pre or post installation treatments that can be applied to further protect or rejuvenate your roof or siding.

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