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The Lowly Post Cap

At Mill Outlet Lumber we manufacture simple, practical Fence Post Caps. It only makes sense because we do sell fencing, we do sell an array of cedar products and we try really hard to be practical.

As I drive around I see a lot of post caps and it makes me wonder if people realize that they serve a purpose. Most of them I see are decorative and I am certain, overpriced, made of copper, or with solar panels and built in lights. That is all neat, but in this day and age is it really necessary?


Our Cedar post caps are inexpensive and they serve a purpose. They shed water off the tops of fence posts while protecting from the sun reducing opportunities to degrade the end grain causing the posts to check, crack, let in more of the elements and ultimately fail. All this and since we take extra care to select each cap as it is cut, they don’t look too bad either.


Because you are buying from the manufacturer and because we know how to keep our costs down low, we can ship these caps nationwide in quantities of 1 or 1000, or more, while saving you money.

For Inexpensive Cedar post Caps, Fencing and more, look to Mill Outlet Lumber for all Cedar needs.

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