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I probably get 1 call per week from people looking for Board and Batten siding for their barn or shed. They always seem to want wide boards and long boards, but they don’t seem to mind much about the grade. The problem is that wide boards command a premium price because they come from bigger trees which in turn tend to produce more knot free, clear high value wood and the same person who is looking for shed siding or barn siding does not want to spend a lot to get their job done… End result, is thar not many of these phone calls go anywhere.


Last week I was speaking to a customer in the yard and he was really looking for a solution to this dilemma, when I asked him, “do you Really need full length, wide boards?”,His response surprised me, No, he said as we simultaneously said “and you can bevel cut the butt joints to keep most of the rain out. So I am sharing the word. Do you Really need full length wide Barn and Shed Siding? 1×12 Tight Knot cedar with a 1×2 batten will cost in the neighborhood of . Even low grade 1×12, that will probably be split or have missing knots will be e.


If you use our 1×6-8′ #1 fence board as a backing board and our 1×4-8′ #1 as a Batten with 1/2″ overlap, it will cost  by comparison. If you step down and use the same boards in a #3 grade the cost drops to. All of this for a very attractive, no hole, board and batten siding. A further benefit is that these boards are 5/8″ thick so that the total thickness does not become too great and we also carry a wide variety of other sizes and lengths that will work well as trim, corners and to optimize lengths. The good news is that shorter length, fence boards will reduce the cost further. If you are asking yourself if the joints in the boards will be a problem, remember that no matter what siding you use, you should use a moisture barrier such as felt at the very minimum. Also keep in mind that all wood siding has joints that must be handled correctly through clever and sensible installation and application.

So,, by getting a little outside the box we can put siding on those old barns, rustic charm on your home and spruce up backyard sheds, without breaking the bank.


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