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Mill Outlet is the place to find bargains on Shop grade Plywood Siding and sheathing such as CDX plywood. Most of what we carry is Shop grade meaning that it has some defect but is otherwise very usable for many things such as shelving, sheds and outbuildings, containers and even non structural residential uses such as roof re sheathing in the case where you are covering existing structural sheathing.

Shop grade also means that it is less expensive of course. Currently we carry a wide variety of T-1-11 siding in this grade, with and without grooves and in 3/8″, some 1/2″ and lots of 5/8″ thicknesses. T-1-11 is also available in 4×8, 4×9 and 4×10 foot sheets.

If you are in the need for inexpensive, shop grade siding, look no further than Mill Outlet Lumber where you can count on us to always be on the lookout for bargains for you!


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