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The Dog House

Everyone loves their pup, unless they are a cat person, that is why, Sunday, I declared, I think I’ll build Rusti a house. After all, it was raining outside and the image of poor little Rusti sitting on the deck, in the rain, with no roof over her head is enough to motivate most anyone to action. So I devised a plan, with the various lumber leftovers of summer yard and garden projects and built her a house, a palace, and a yard ornament. The point being, you can do a lot, with a little, given some motivation, limited resources and most important, inspiration.


Rusti !

Rusti !


This is what is so great about a Lumberyard like Mill Outlet. it is full of the resources, the pieces and parts of so many ideas, projects, dreams, Pieces, that that need to be arranged, cut,  fastened and sometimes cut again into the shape that inspires you. You can then step back, take some pride, and maybe even boast a bit about that thing you built with your own hands and the image in your mind. Be it a deck or a fence, a doghouse or a birdhouse, or the pride of finally enclosing the last wall of the barn for half what you expected to spend because of the great deal you got at Mill Outlet Lumber.

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