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Cedar Grilling Planks ??

Of course this is something we would have, we love western red cedar and we love seafood, salmon to be specific.


The pungent taste of Western Red Cedar smoke clinging to a fresh salmon fillet is a culinary experience you must enjoy. Once you have, you will be coming back again and again for more. We are not out back cutting fence boards to make these planks though, they are an overstock at a national manufacturer where we just happen to buy a lot of our Cedar lumber. They are surfaced and kiln dried with lots of the natural aromatic oils that give planked seafood it’s delicious taste. At $2.50 each they are cheap even for hobby lumber and less than half of the price they would normally sell for through normal outlets. Load up now, give then to your friends, but most important, gobble up some¬†delicious smokey seafood


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