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Flooding Torments South Tacoma

It appears as if the tide has risen really high today at Mill Outlet Lumber at 4811 South Tyler St in South Tacoma. The weather forecasters were not kidding when they predicted Saturday 9/28 to be the first major drenching of the season. In a earlier surge of rainfall the office was actually cut off from the outside world for a time.


And it was only 10:00 am with torrents of rain and high winds predicted for the remainder of the day. “What if it gets so deep that the office floats away” said Bridget, the office manager here.

Across the yard there appears to be a reservoir filling to the brim, reinforcing images of flash flooding and carnage.


Needless to say, there are not a lot of customers braving the storm to purchase lumber. But who knows, if this keeps up we may have a rush on ark materials, which, by the way is our escape plan, ride a unit of appearance grade timbers to safety.


Until then we will keep making the best of things, and Stay Dry!


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