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Super Tacoma Fire Logs

Fire Log Powers ACTIVATE!


Never underestimate the power of the Lowly Tacoma Fire Log. Not only do they possess 8000 Btu’s per pound worth of heating energy, but add a little rainwater and they break concrete blocks like Bruce Lee. Seriously, Mike left these two Tacoma Fire Logs inside this Concrete block on Saturday and this is what we found this morning, our portable lumberyard heater, destroyed. This shows the great deal of compression that goes into making the logs as well as the low amount of heat wasting moisture they do not contain. These started out as neat little 3″ x 3″ nuggets and now they are over 4 times that size.

Tacoma Fire Logs at Mill Outlet Lumber,,  1/2 the price of Home Depot or Costco, comparable products or even less per ton,  or nearly 1/2 price again.

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