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Most people can get excited about the idea of gardening either for the intrinsic good feeling it gives them to help create something that is alive and growing or from the practical stance of growing good food and knowing where it comes from. I am a little bit of both. Even if I don’t save a penny on the food I grow in the garden, the enjoyment that I get every day, whether measuring¬†the growth of the Hops vines or sharing snap peas with my dog Rusti before I leave for work early in the morning, or just sitting in the afternoon sun, taking in a system of beds and strategically placed plants that not only works, but is working as I watch.


Even now, on the darkest day of the year, the garden still pays it’s dividend. I feel good about it, good enough to take the time to write, to maybe inspire others to experience the same. Now is the time to start preparing, not on the first 60 degree day. A little work and weather resistance will pay off well when the ground starts to warm.


Weather resistance

At Mill Outlet, we are always trying to keep materials on hand to meet the needs of home gardeners. We certainly will always have something that can be used for vines to climb on or a fence for wind protection, or raised beds for better control of your soil condition and temperature. At times we will also have special items, high quality or low price, or a combination of the two.

Right now is one of those times. We have a large amount of 2×12 western Red Cedar, more on the way, along with 2×8 and 2×10. All of this is very nice for the price, perfect for raised bed building.

More on the wayWe also have a limited amount of cedar 4×4 for only $1.00 per foot and 1×3-6 high quality tight knot cedar for only

I could go on and on about all the things we can supply home gardeners, but it is probably better for you to come in, nose around a bit and ask some questions. I am positive you will find what you need.,,,,,,,,,,,Doug

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