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Fall Is in the air

Fall is in the air again, and that means football, leaves and rain. It also means it is the best time to get outdoor chores done since it is cool enough to labor all day and the insects of summer are mostly gone along with the ever present threat of sunburn. It is time to cut firewood for next year and to split rail for fixing fences. No wait, that is way too much work.

Cedar split rail is what we do at Mill Outlet. 2 Rails high, 3 Rails high, standard weight and pony weight, always thousands of feet on hand, enough for any project.


We stock through mortised line posts, blind mortised end posts and 90 degree mortised corner posts, all are the same price

We stock 8′ , and if you need to purchase individual components we can sell that way as well.

And on orders over 100′ we throw in 1 post for free to end the run.

Mill Outlet is the source for cedar split rail for western Washington and beyond


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