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Best Value in Cedar Fence Boards

1×5-6′ #2 & better Western Red Cedar Fence Boards


First some background on the fence boards we carry. We sell and stock 95% or more of our cedar fencing from Reichert shake and fence in Toledo Washington. They are regarded as the finest dedicated cedar fence mill in the Northwest due to the quality and consistency of the boards they cut. Color is uniform as well as sizing and grading, a #1 board purchased today will be just like one from a year ago or a year from now, and that is the case for all of the other sizes and grades we carry in stock.

Most if not all of the boards we carry are full width which is a little different to some people. So our 6″ boards measure 6″s, 5″ measure 5″‘s and so on for 4″ and 3″ widths. All of the Riechert boards are consistently 5/8″ thick unlike other fencing that says it is 5/8″ but measure as little as 1/2″.

This being stated, we have a really good deal for fence builders right now. Our 1×5-6′ #2 and better is only¬† because of an overabundance at the mill. These boards should be more like because of their excellent quality and consistency. In this size there are only 2 grades, #2 and better, which include #2, #1 and clear boards, or #3 which are the boards that were not good enough but are actually better than what you will find elsewhere as a “best ” fence board.



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