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Tacoma Fire Logs


It may not occur to one at first but in addition to supplying high quality Cedar lumber and Fence supplies, Pressure Treated lumber and Shop Grade plywood. Mill Outlet Lumber is the go to source for clean burning, long lasting Tacoma Fire Logs. We stock and sell these by the box of 8 and by the one ton pallet.

Boxes of 8 sell for and come with a fire starter plug, and 1 ton pallets sell for and do not come with a fire starter, sorry.

Tacoma Fire Logs are not made with wax binders but are compressed under extreme pressure that binds them together. They are of course made in Tacoma and support the local economy. They will burn for 1-2 hours in an open fire pit or up to 6 hours in a well controlled woodstove. Each log is approximately 3 pounds and contains 24,000 btu’s of energy

Help us support the local economy and make use of lumber mill byproduct while saving money, purchasing Tacoma Fire Logs at Mill Outlet Lumber


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