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At Mill outlet we have all sorts of pressure treated and cedar lumber. We strive to have the highest quality and best values in our line of fencing and in the case of pressure treated lumber. We also are always on the lookout for special situations and deals we can pass on to you. And finally very little if anything goes to waste because as I am most fond of saying every board has a home. Just like the pet rescue we have all sizes and personalities of material. Clear vertical grain cedar and fir, high quality fence boards and trim, shop grade plywood siding that makes backyard sheds affordable and all sorts of sizes, shapes and grades of rough sawn and surfaced garden cedar. A customer who just left is the perfect example of this. He came looking for material for raised bed gardens, I showed him our rougher headed old growth 2×8 for $1.35 per foot and 2×6 for $1.00 per foot and he said “this stuff is awesome, but it is too nice to put dirt in”.he agreed that the price was right but asked if we had anything a little more rustic. I pointed him to our 2×8 bevel siding blanks for $ .75 per foot and he said “that’s what I am talking about, is it ok if I load some up?” On the way to his truck we walked past a pile of 2×8 rough sawn, the last couple hundred feet of over 20,000 feet we had last spring. “Now that is what I really want, how much for this? “same price” I said. On the way to his truck we found some slightly weathered cedar 4×4-6′ for $1.00 a foot and the deal was complete. He left with some material that was not our nicest but it was perfect for him and as he checked out noted that he had just texted his friend to get down here and get some of these good deals. There is a home for every piece of lumberImageImageImageImageImageLImageuImage

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