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  1. Rodney Blower December 25, 2012

    How much is your 2×6 treated lumber. 8,10,16 foot

  2. ryan coskey February 25, 2013

    looking for 1×4 t&G clear cedar for sauna <need 215 s.f

    • norris360 March 8, 2013

      We have 1/2 x 4 tng seconds for $.35 per foot people use these for DIY home saunas all of the time. They caver 3.25″ so for your project you will need 800 lineal feet or a little more for waste

  3. John Fenicle April 4, 2013

    Can you ship cedar shakes to my house in Carmel, Indiana?

    • norris360 April 5, 2013

      We can, just need to know your zip code, quantity, and delivery destination, (residence, nearest freight depot, business with forklift?

      Thank you, Doug

  4. Rose nicoletti June 19, 2013

    Do you have 15/32 cedar plywood? Or something like that?

    • norris360 June 20, 2013

      We have a small amount of 15/32 cedar, plain face square edge, and we have lots of the same thing in 19/32 and 11/32.

  5. Tom Ethen August 3, 2013

    I am looking to build a picket fence with 2x2x4′ (random length is great) pickets. I would prefer split, not sawn 2x2s. They could be “cants). We saw about 30 miles of this type of fence on the coast in California a few weeks ago. If you like, I could send a picture if my description is not good enough. Anyway, we would need enough 2×2’s for about 100′ with about 2” spacing between pickets. Lengths could be random. Thank you. Tom

    • norris360 September 6, 2013

      Hello Tom,

      I don’t recall if I responded to your post earlier but we do have 2×2-4′ clear cedar for 1.88 each, these are sawn, Thank You, Doug

  6. Meg September 6, 2013

    Looking for 200 bundles of 24inch hand splits mediums naturals “red cedar” if u have or can get please get back to me with price I guess two prices one if I come to u and get them one if u can deliver them to me I’m in doylestown Pennsylvania about 60 miles north of Philadelphia

    • norris360 September 6, 2013

      Hello Meg,

      We can ship those and the delivered price is $268.00 per square, 5 bundles per square for Select grade Medium hand splits
      Total delivered price is $10720.00 and quote is good for 10 days, Thank You, Doug

  7. Matthew Chittenden February 3, 2014

    Hi, we are looking for the following rough sawn red cedar timbers:
    4x10x16 – 1
    4x8x12 – 2
    4x6x12 – 1
    6x6x10 – 2
    6x6x14 – 3
    1x10x20 – 2
    Can these be shipped to Scott Depot, WV (25560)? What would the total price be? Thanks!

    • Matthew Chittenden February 3, 2014

      Just saw that you might not have 1x10x20… so if not then we could take:
      1x10x10 – 2
      1x10x12 – 1
      1x10x8 – 1:

      • norris360 February 3, 2014

        For this list, including the shorter 1×10, full dimension resawn rough, $2075.05 delivered, 5 business days transit time and would take 2-3 days to put together here, Thank You, Doug

  8. rolf April 3, 2014

    Do you have (or could you get) 24′ incised treated 4X4’s? If so, what is the pricing?

  9. Bill Juenger October 2, 2014

    I am interested in purchasing clear western red cedar boards for making Adirondack chairs. Will you ship to my home in Illinois? I would need about 13 boards that are 1’x12″x12′ – if you can ship could you also provide me with a quote on this stock?

    • norris360 October 2, 2014

      We stock a vertical grain clear “utility” Cedar that is $2.50 per lineal foot. It will have minor defect, sometimes only color variation. It will be much simpler to fill an order of varied lengths since that is how our stock exists. To quote shipping I will need you zip code. Thank You, Doug

  10. Bill Juenger October 2, 2014

    Hi Doug,

    Ok sounds good on the varying lengths. My zip code is 60031. Thanks.