Mill Outlet Lumber

Conveniently located in South Tacoma, Washington, Mill Outlet Lumber has been providing top quality, low priced cedar fencing and decking products to the Puget Sound Region since 2002.  Our unique combination of high quality and low overhead brings our customers the best value in cedar, plywood and pressure treated lumber products. Mill Outlet is what a lumberyard should be and it is our goal to keep it that way.

Owned by Norris and Jeannie Nickerson, their tireless pursuit of value and integrity has earned them a loyal following by both home owners and contractors alike. With a great selection of products available in many different grades the goal of Mill Outlet Lumber is to match your project needs with your budget.

Contact us and let us know what your project needs are and we can put together a specific quote and even set up delivery to your home or job site.


  1. jeff turney August 6, 2013

    do you sell cedar siding? 1×8 rabbeted bevel re-sawn? 2000 sq ft.

    • norris360 August 6, 2013

      We can get that in 1 -2 days and it is $ .98 per lineal foot Coverage is 7″ I believe so you will need about 3450 lineal to cover 2000 square feet.,,Doug

  2. Cindy November 14, 2014

    I brought some of your 2 by 6 in the back area by fence, has the wood been dried?? I forgot to asked.

    • norris360 November 14, 2014

      It is not dried but when it comes in we sort to length and cover with a plastic tent wrap so it is somewhat air dry. Additionally it is coastal old growth type wood that tends to be more stable than lighter colored second growth wood

  3. Cindy November 14, 2014

    Ok! Thank you! Do you have any 2 by 6 that has been dried so it will not shrink! It will be going up as beams!