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Some Things you just have to Share

There is no end to the new and different wood products we come up with at Mill Outlet Lumber. This week there are Four, Happy New Year. We brought in some Knot free, Clear Incense Cedar 4×4 posts on Monday to see how they looked, the price was already right, and they are beautiful! Tight Grain and perfect.


So, we ordered up the rest of them, should be enough to last into the Summer unless too many people find out about them.

Second Item of the week is Pac-Trims, this 1×4 tongue and groove has been taking off at          t since it came in a couple of weeks ago, so we doubled down and have another big stack on the way next week. This will ensure that we have this great material available for the next month or so. In addition to the 1×4 we also picked up some 1×6 in 12′ and 14′ lengths that will be available f


Pac Trims

Third, we just received several thousand feet of 5/4 x 8 Cedar Bevel Siding Blanks. We will make some of this into bevel siding, but also decking or tongue and groove paneling. Until then, it is available just the way it is for This would work great for Board and batten siding or any sort of exterior trim. It has a rougher texture, but I would use it as decking just the way it is, or fencing,,,or???


Inexpensive, quality cedar

Finally, something you probably wouldn’t guess. , that’s less than you can get the 2×6 for, and then still have to make it.


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Clear Lumber Corner

Mill Outlet is the place to find the clear vertical grain lumber you want but don’t want to pay for. We are continuing to bolster our selection and inventory of Western Red cedar utility clear boards and interesting profiles. Just came in, 5/4×10, 1×6, 2×2, 2×3, 3/8″ lattice, 1/2×5, 1×6 and more 1/2×4 Tongue and groove, all In Cedar. Also, just arrived, more Vg Fir e grade, in 1×8, 1×10 and 1×6, long lengths. Our prices are impossible to beat on this material an we are committed to be the “go to” source for Cedar and Fir clears in Western Washington. Keep an eye on us for our current offerings and don’t be afraid to come on down and see for yourself what we have to offer in finish grade Fir and Cedar.


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