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Best Value in Cedar Fence Boards


1×5-6′ #2 & better Western Red Cedar Fence Boards





First some background on the fence boards we carry. We sell and stock 95% or more of our cedar fencing from Reichert shake and fence in Toledo Washington. They are regarded as the finest dedicated cedar fence mill in the Northwest due to the quality and consistency of the boards they cut. Color is uniform as well as sizing and grading, a #1 board purchased today will be just like one from a year ago or a year from now, and that is the case for all of the other sizes and grades we carry in stock.

Most if not all of the boards we carry are full width which is a little different to some people. So our 6″ boards measure 6″s, 5″ measure 5″‘s and so on for 4″ and 3″ widths. All of the Riechert boards are consistently 5/8″ thick unlike other fencing that says it is 5/8″ but measure as little as 1/2″.

This being stated, we have a really good deal for fence builders right now. Our 1×5-6′ #2 and better is only $2.00 each because of an overabundance at the mill. These boards should be more like $2.30 each because of their excellent quality and consistency. In this size there are only 2 grades, #2 and better, which include #2, #1 and clear boards, or #3 which are the boards that were not good enough but are actually better than what you will find elsewhere as a “best ” fence board.

1×5-6′, #2 and Better Western Red Cedar, $2.00 each



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One of our best finds all year, 2×6, 2×10 and 2×8 oversize and rougher headed old growth each size is 1 11/16 thick and 1/4″ under in width. utility grade but this is beautiful material. Everyone who sees it just says wow and then when they hear the price they say wow again. There is no limit to what you can do with this material



2×6 is $1.00 per foot

2×8 is $1.35 per foot

2×10 is $1.75 per foot

and 2×6-6′ pieces are only $4.20 each, can you see this as a fence board?

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Quality Fence Material

Many people know by experience or have heard by word of mouth that Mill Outlet Lumber in Tacoma is the only place to go for the best quality fence materials at the best prices. It is true that we also carry some low grade, low cost materials because that is what is important to some people, but the backbone of our thriving fence business is the high quality boards and components we carry.

This all starts with the fact that we sell exclusively western red cedar boards from Reichert Shake & Fence in Toledo Washington. They are regarded by all to be the highest and most consistent quality cedar fence mill in the Northwest and we are happy to be on their team.

We carry nearly every size and grade of produced at Reichert so I am certain we have one that meets your needs and the quantity you need.ImageImageImageImageImage 

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Western Red Cedar Timbers


Mill Outlet Lumber is the place to go for all sorts of Cedar needs. We carry over 30 sizes and grades of cedar Fence Boards, a full line of Cedar decking and railing components, large cedar boards for planter boxes and other projects as well as a wide variety of finish grade cedar boards, trim and paneling.

So it only makes sense that Mill Outlet would be the “go to” for Appearance grade Western red cedar Timbers in sizes from 4×4 to 6×12 or 8×8 and given a little more time even larger

Click here for prompt offering 

Call anytime to check current availability of sizes and lengths available for prompt delivery or for sizes not listed for custom orders


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Garden Lumber

Most people can get excited about the idea of gardening either for the intrinsic good feeling it gives them to help create something that is alive and growing or from the practical stance of growing good food and knowing where it comes from. I am a little bit of both. Even if I don’t save a penny on the food I grow in the garden, the enjoyment that I get every day, whether measuring the growth of the Hops vines or sharing snap peas with my dog Rusti before I leave for work early in the morning, or just sitting in the afternoon sun, taking in a system of beds and strategically placed plants that not only works, but is working as I watch.


Even now, on the darkest day of the year, the garden still pays it’s dividend. I feel good about it, good enough to take the time to write, to maybe inspire others to experience the same. Now is the time to start preparing, not on the first 60 degree day. A little work and weather resistance will pay off well when the ground starts to warm.


Weather resistance

At Mill Outlet, we are always trying to keep materials on hand to meet the needs of home gardeners. We certainly will always have something that can be used for vines to climb on or a fence for wind protection, or raised beds for better control of your soil condition and temperature. At times we will also have special items, high quality or low price, or a combination of the two.

Right now is one of those times. We have a large amount of 2×12 western Red Cedar, more on the way, along with 2×8 and 2×10. All of this is very nice for the price, perfect for raised bed building. 2×12 is $1.75/ft, 2×10 is $1.45 and 2×8 is $1.15.


More on the way

We also have a limited amount of cedar 4×4 for only $1.00 per foot and 1×3-6 high quality tight knot cedar for only $ .90 each.

I could go on and on about all the things we can supply home gardeners, but it is probably better for you to come in, nose around a bit and ask some questions. I am positive you will find what you need.,,,,,,,,,,,Doug

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Where is Mill Outlet Lumber ?

In Tacoma, South Tacoma to be exact, From  I-5 take the 56th st exit west 12 blocks or so, turn right on Tyler at the light go 8 blocks and we are on the right. From Highway 16 take the Orchard st,/ 19th st exit and head East on 19th to Tyler, turn right and go about 28 blocks and we are on the right, click Here for a map and directions. Another way to look at it is we are centrally located for our customers in Tacoma, University Place, Fircrest, Lakewood and Spanaway, never more than 15 minutes away. Because of our nononsense access to freeways we are also convenient for you from all over western Washington.

  • Puyallup   14.5 Miles- 22 minutes
  • Gig Harbor 10.7 Miles–19 minutes
  • Federal Way 16.1 Miles–23 minutes
  • Sumner 17.4 Miles–23 minutes
  • Kent 21.4 Miles–26 minutes
  • Auburn 17.1 Miles–21 minutes
  • Port Orchard 24.8 Miles–30 minutes
  • Des Moines 20.8 Miles–27 minutes
  • Covington 26.1 Miles–31 minutes
  • Renton 29 Miles–36 minutes
  • Burien 29.4 MIles-36 minutes
  • Bellevue 37 Miles-43 minutes
  • Olympia 28 Miles-34 minutes
  • West Seattle 34.5 Miles–45 minutes
  • Mercer Island 41.6 Miles–50 minutes
  • Redmond 46.1 Miles–54 minutes
  • Kirkland 43.9 Miles–51 minutes
  • North Seattle 42.9 MIles–51 minutes
  • Lynnwood  50.8 Miles–60 minutes
  • Issaquah 45.3 Miles–53 minutes
  • Woodinville 49.9 Miles–57 minutes
  • North Bend 44.8 Miles–52 minutes
  • Cle Elum 100 Miles–1 hour 45 minutes

The list could go on and on but the point is that we are only minutes away unless you live in Cle Elum which happens to be where one customer made 2 trips in one day with a 2 axle car trailer to buy fence materials from us because of our fair prices and excellent quality.

In addition to being located conveniently for our Western Washington customers, we also ship cedar products nationwide on a regular basis. Post caps to Houston and Chicago, Clear cedar 1×8 to Minneapolis and Fence boards to New York, are just a few of our recent shipments.

So come in or call or email or text, just don’t forget about Mill Outlet Lumber when you need Cedar fencing, decking, Pressure Treated Lumber, shop plywood or Cedar and Fir Clears.

Thank You,

Doug Smith

253 514 0658

4811 S Tyler St. Tacoma 98409

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Clear Utility Lumber


At Mill Outlet we are always on the lookout for great value. Utility clears in Douglas Fir, Western  Red Cedar and Alaska Yellow Cedar are perhaps some of the best examples of this to be found. While perfection can be very costly you can achieve it for as little as 1/2 price with a little imagination, work and our utility clear offering. Much of this wood is the perfect vertical grain lumber people are looking for, for trim and special projects, but because the knots have not been cut out or a minor defect here and there we can offer it for much less than you would be forced to pay elsewhere. Our current offering includes 1×2, 1×3, 1×4 and 1×6 in rough clear, and 1×4, 1×6, 1×8, 1×10. 5/4×4 in Dry vertical grain Clear. We also have some 4×4, 6×6 and lots of 2×2 in 32″, 36″, 48″, 8′, 10′, and 12′ lengths. If you are looking for paneling we have 1/2×4 tongue and groove in a couple of different profiles, with 1000’s of feet available most of the time. Douglas Fir too, 1×6 kiln dried E grade if you will, perfect vertical grain between occasional knots or pitch pockets, this wood will cost up to 6 times as much if you get it from someone who has taken time to cut between the defects. These are the types of value Mill outlet brings to you if you are paying attention and you are willing to roll up you sleeves and put your mind to work.Image

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