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At Mill Outlet we work hard all the time to find interesting, good deals on lumber products for our customers. Unfortunately we sometimes find more of these good deals than we have immediate space for. This page is where you can find those opportunities along with some of the special items we have in stock at the time.

If you have any questions, at all, please call or email.

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Doug Smith

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All Offers are subject to Quantity limitations and to prior sale

All Items Updated 12/13/13

Tacoma FireLogs

Tacoma FireLogs

I wasn’t a believer until I did the research, burned cordwood myself all of my life, but,,,, Compressed sawdust Tacoma firelogs are superior to cord wood for wood stoves, fireplaces, campfires and more.
Conventional firewood is messy, inconsistent, and expensive

Tacoma Fire logs are 100% recycled wood fiber from a local lumber mill.
No waxes or binders, just wood under high pressure
Burn for hours but exact time depends on how hot you choose to burn them
super dry so you don’t waste heat evaporating moisture
Neat and tidy so no bark, insects or rodents in the wood pile.
And they are only $225.00 per ton
sorry no delivery available
Try them in boxes of 8 for $5.50
But save big by the ton
at $225.00
If $225.00 seems more expensive than firewood consider that each pallet contains 17 million BTU’s of heating energy and since Tacoma firelogs have single digit moisture content you are not wasting that heat evaporating excessive moisture in firewood
1 cord of bone dry Douglas fir contains 17.5 million btu’s but bone dry still means there is 20% moisture or so, you will waste 10-15% of that heat making steam and sending it up the chimney (Kind of the same thing as leaving the windows open with the baseboard heater on)
And that is the best case.
If you are buying unseasoned firewood which is most of what is out there for sale at this time of year, you will probably be getting 40% or even 50% water, and since water does not burn, most of the heat contained in the wood will go up the chimney while you are left wondering why the house is cold.
If you are already using products like North Idaho energy logs or Presto logs, you are on the right track, but the best prices you will find for them are around $320 per ton and as high as $470.00, they are round and hard to handle. Tacoma Firelogs stack nicely, offer more surface area per pound so they are more controllable and They are only $225.00 per ton!

each 1 ton Pallet is 42″ wide (fits between the wheel wells of most pickups), 48″ deep and 38″ tall

One of our best finds all year, 2×6, 2×10 and 2×8 oversize and rougher headed old growth each size is 1 11/16 thick and 1/4″ under in width. utility grade but this is beautiful material. Everyone who sees it just says wow and then when they hear the price they say wow again. There is no limit to what you can do with this material

oversize rougher head cedar

oversize rougher head cedar



 new stock 9/20/14

1×8 Cedar Bevel Siding Blanks. $.75/lineal foot. You will not see this everyday, These are 1″ x 7 1/2″ net with a rougherhead finish (uniform rough texture). Could be surfaced or used as is for decking or used for anything you would use knotty cedar for normally. Compare to 5/4×8 at other lumberyards for $1.50 or more per foot.


Great source of inexpensive Cedar lumber


Rougher head finish





Please call if interested,

Doug, 253 514 0658


  1. chris December 19, 2012

    damn l’ll take it all!
    seriously dude
    good to hear from you Doug
    i may be interested in this

    • norris360 December 20, 2012

      Hey Chris, Let me know, we have 1200 on the ground and the rest available close by, but they are subject to prior sale. If you seriously have a use for them we should at least put it together soon. Great to here from you too, it makes my day,, again. I am guessing you have seen all the clear materials we have available, pretty awesome stuff.,,,Doug
      Clear Cedar

  2. Ick December 21, 2012

    Wondering if you have any 2 x 12s for some raised beds I want to build. Hem/fir seems to last about a decade or longer in my garden.


    • norris360 December 22, 2012

      Hey Rick, I have good news for you, we have lots of 2×12 western red cedar, just for raised beds and it is as cheap as Hem fir, looks better and should outlast it by a factor of two to one. $1.75 per lineal foot, we have 6′-some as long as 20′ in stock.

      Thank you, Doug

  3. JR January 2, 2013

    Hello from up in Whatcom County.
    I found you in the Bellingham craigslist. Do you have an outlet up this way or a place you recommend? If not, are you beating the prices of anyone up here or is it worth the trip?
    If so….
    We’re renovating an old farm house and looking to replace about 800-1,000 sq ft of ceiling boards on the top story of the house (will serve as attic “floor”). We’ll be painting the ceiling side.
    What would you suggest for this that you have in stock?

    • norris360 January 3, 2013

      Hello JR,

      At this point we have just the one location, but people come from as far as Portland, Moses Lake and Bellingham for some of our offerings. As far as beating prices, we concern ourselves with seeking out and offering good value and don’t really know what others are doing for sure. As far as your project goes, we currently have some 1×4 Pine TNG for $ .25/ft. It is fall down grade but looks pretty good for clear finish, really good for paint. I know one customer came from Orcas Island last week for some after shopping around and he was really happy he did so. 1000 square feet would take 4000 lineal feet or 1000$ plus tax. we are selling fast but probably have that much left in 6′ lengths.,,,,Doug

      Another item you might consider is 1×5 White fir decking. These are boards, not TNG but are kiln dried and would paint up well only $4.00 per 12′ piece would take 223 to cover so a little less $ at $892 plus tax

    • norris360 January 4, 2013

      Hello JR,

      An update on the pine tongue and groove, I noticed a typo in my response from yesturday. We have 16′ in stock to cover you. We also ordered a large amount of new stock that is due next week, should be mostly 12′- 16′,,,,,Doug

  4. marian March 20, 2013

    Hi there-bought all our fence material from you and saved alot!!! Now we want to buy for a deck-the western red cedar is beautiful-so wonder if you could come up with a package price for us.
    8’x8′ deck, steps (2 up) at 4′ wide, railings with pickets, let me know soon-thanks

    • norris360 March 20, 2013

      Thank You, Marian, I can work up a material list for you, what deck material are you thinking? and you high is it of the ground?